Automating FCP Project Backups (Works for others too!)

Over at RHED Pixel, we've finally come up with a reasonable backup strategy for our FCP systems. Figured I'd share for those of you who need it

1. Target One Folder – We save all FCP projects to an FCP folder on the internal drive.

2. Use Backup Software – We've started using Data Backup from Prosoft. I like this package because its affordable and I have had great experiences with the company's other software like Data Rescue and Picture Rescue. This package allows you to pick a folder for backup. My favorite feature is its robust scheduling tools.

• Simply purchase a 1-4 GB USB thumb drive and plug it into your system.
• Then set Data Backup to automatically open as a login item (right click on its icon in the Dock at choose Open at Login).
• Then choose to set a schedule for backup and target the thumb drive.

May your project files find a safe haven.... All for about $150 a machine (software plus thumb drive).