Paralells Gets Even Better

Long time readers will know that we are big fans of Parallels Desktop solution for running Windows on a Mac. No need for multiple partitions or rebooting, you can have both Operating Systems going at the same time. Plus you can install the optional Tools that allow you to copy and paste between systems and even access folders on your Mac.

The good news... their
trial is still available and a new update has been released.

Recent improvements include:

  • Support for new quad-processor Mac Pro towers outfitted with up to 3.5GB of RAM
  • Experimental support for Windows Vista
  • An improved Parallels Tools package
  • Better video output improvement and acceleration
  • Added isochronous USB devices support (including WebCam devices)
  • Keyboard support improvement: Eject CD key support and more
  • Clipboard synchronization tool
  • Sound playback and recording improvement