Sometimes a problem can get too big to solve on your own.
When you get stuck, keep me in mind.

As a consultant I offer a unique combination of technical expertise, superior aesthetic judgement, and a practical approach that focusses on results and return on investment.


The emergence of affordable digital tools has brought the capability of producing video content to many companies. What’s missing is the skill and vision to fully implement the power these tools offer.  Richard Harrington can help you devise solutions that partner your internal resources with necessary outside services.

Whether it's finding the right digital tools, or the people to run them, Richard Harrington can devise custom solutions. He has the experience to lead or supplement your multimedia efforts. Richard Harrington is actively involved in improving the video and multimedia industry. As a speaker at national conferences, Harrington frequently helps others learn about emerging technologies. As a certified instructor for Apple and Adobe, Richard Harrington offers both knowledge and experience.


On-Site Training

Looking to advance your graphics or editing departments to a higher level? Richard Harrington's expert knowledge has helped organizations large and small. From non-profit associations to large organizations like CNN, ABC, Turner Networks, NASCAR and Ogilvy; Richard Harrington delivers solutions. Training can be conveniently scheduled to occur onsite. Addtionally, a custom curriculum can be created to address specific production situations and client requirements.  Please call the RHED Pixel office at 703-531-1325 or fill out this form to discuss your needs. 


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