I think it is important that I fully disclose my involvement with technology companies as well as much of my day to day existence.

Which Companies Have Hired You Recently?

I have been hired by the following companies to produce training or do video production services.  This list is in alphabetical order for ease of use.

  • Adobe
  • Adorama
  • Apple
  • Creative COW
  • Drobo
  • Focal Press
  • iStockphoto
  • Kelby Training
  • Lynda.com
  • Pearson Education

I have been approached by several others. 

I have received products from many companies through the years.  This ranges from software to review, to products to test.  This list is not complete (as I cannot remember everything at my age). These groups have supported my efforts and training with equipment loans, not for resale software, etc. Most of these items are loaned, and have to be returned upon request. Again in alphabetical order.

  • Adobe
  • AJA
  • Apple
  • Artbeats
  • Dell
  • Digital Anarchy
  • Drobo
  • G-Tech
  • Hoodman
  • HP
  • Matrox
  • Panasonic
  • Redrock Micro
  • Red Giant
  • Singular Software
  • Wacom
  • Zacuto


Do You Have Agreements with Companies?

I have multiple non-disclosure agreements and I honor them.  I have never disclosed details about one manufacturer to another.  I have (to the best of my knowledge) never disclosed anything improper to end users.  This agreements are a necessity as they give me advanced access to the tools we all use.

This advance access lets me figure out problems.  Some companies use this feedback and make their products better.  I also can work on training products so they can be ready when the application ships (or as close to possible).  These agreements are entered in so I can create a product that is ready when you need it.  

My opinions have never been bought.  I have never been told what to say. I have never colluded with a company to change the opinion of the market.  I have been hired by companies to help them understand the end user.  I have written and produced as well as reviewed and commented on efforts that impact the professional video and photography industries.