Meet Richard Harrington

Richard Harrington has had a long relationship with media.

When he was seven, he was grounded for using magnets to rearrange the picture tube on the family’s 13-inch color TV (it works but don’t try it). He has since gone on to many more interesting adventures.

Rich’s love of journalism began at Mount Carmel High School in Chicago, Illinois. Rich was Editor of his school paper and discovered that being a reporter was more interesting (and entertaining) than anything else. Rich then went on to Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. College brought television back into Rich’s life. He chose to pursue a dual degree in production and reporting.

Graduation came and so did a job working for the number one television station in town. Newsrooms are a great place to learn and the pace is fast. A promotion to Director soon came, and with it opportunity. Rich had the chance to direct live television for two years, gaining a definite coolness under pressure (and losing some hair). A chance to edit on the Avid also arose, and Rich was soon producing and editing packages for a nationally syndicated children’s program.

Eventually Rich grew tired of working every holiday, every year (those who’ve worked in news understand). He soon took a job as a Producer/Editor, launched a music magazine, and started a graphics design company. A few years passed and Rich found himself buried in Iowa’s two types of videos: insurance and agriculture. After having to animate corn reproduction (no joke), Rich decided it was time to move.

Fortunately his fiancee felt the same. Richard and his wife-to-be moved to Washington, D.C. Both enrolled in graduate school and explored their careers. Rich worked as a Production Manger in town for a communications agency. Seeking more rewarding challenges, he ventured out on his own in November of 1999. 

After 12 years of working in the graphic design and video industry, Richard Harrington set off to found his own group, RHED Pixel. His goal was to harness the new generation of digital video tools to bring high-quality media production to a broad audience. In 1999, Richard Harrington Video opened its doors, offering video production, multimedia, and consulting services to a wide range of clients. RHED is an acronym for Richard Harrington Electronic Design. This encapsulated the core services of the company. The word pixel is a portmanteau for picture element, the building block of the visual communications industry.

When not working, Rich spends as much time with his wife Meghan as he possibly can find. Rich enjoys traveling and digital photography, as well as teaching his kids the joys of science fiction and comic books. If it involves pop culture, you can bet Rich is plugged in. Gadgets and gizmos? He's your guy.

Rich believes that we live in a world that is getting increasingly cluttered with confusing messages. His personal philosophy is communicate… motivate… create. A firm believer that media can have powerfully results. He looks forward to the chance of helping you with your next project.



Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.
— Martin Luther King, Jr