Punching in on LiveView: DSLR Video Tips

On this week’s episode of
DSLR Video Tips, we look at a key aspect of getting great-looking shots: critical focus. Join us as we head back out on a real-world music video shoot for musician Jason Masi, and discuss time-saving techniques for achieving critical focus:

  • “Punch in” on a shot in LiveView mode to achieve sharp focus.
  • Use a loupe or viewfinder to magnify the image on your camera’s LCD screen, making it much easier to achieve critical focus.
  • Use autofocus to quickly lock in focus prior to recording.
  • Take a look at the benefits of using a field monitor, as well as an electronic viewfinder, to aid in focus. A bigger or higher resolution screen can be a huge help in getting sharp focus.
  • Adjust aperture to help locking focus.

Achieving critical focus is essential to creating beautiful shots. Check out this episode so you’ll be ready for your next production.

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