I Just Wrapped a New Class on Photography

I just sat down on the couch after two intense days. My good friend Abba Shapiro and I finished shooting a new class for Lynda.com called "Up and Running with Studio Strobes" to help photographers. It's an introductory course to help beginner and intermediate photographers select and setup a strobe lighting setup for use in a studio or a remote location.

Here's the Table of Contents.

1.0 Why Shoot with Strobes?
2.0 Why Shoot with Continuous Lights (Instead of Strobes)
3.0 Buying a Lighting Set-up
4.0 The Components of a Studio Strobe Kit
5.0 Getting to know your lights
6.0 Triggering a Light
7.0 Setting and Testing Your Strobes
8.0 Modifying Strobe Lights
9.0 Setting up your Lights Effectively
10.0 Postproduction (Bonus Lessons)

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