Avoid Lens Flare by Flagging Your Lens

While the sun is generally incredibly useful to photographers, it can occasionally be annoying. If the sun hits your lens at an undesirable angle, you can end up with spots or flares that ruin a shot. Flares generally take on a geometric shape, and may be easy to miss while recording. Additionally, a flare can significantly reduce the amount of contrast and saturation in your image.


The flare is typically caused by a very bright light sources (it most cases the sun). Flares are far more common in zoom lenses as they have multiple surfaces that are prone to light scatter. With a little practice you’ll learn to spot flares quickly. Getting rid of flares just requires a few strategies and modifications to your shooting style.

One way to prevent lens flare is to block the light. Typically the flare is caused by light entering from the side of the frame. This light is rarely needed for a proper exposure and can be blocked. If using a tripod, you can place your body to the side of the lens to serve as a wall. You can also reach out with a hat off to the side to block the light.

I used a Rogue FlashBender to protect the lens from additional flare while shooting on a bright day.

You can of course use other devices to block unwanted light. I’ll often attach a Rogue FlashBender right to my lens (http://www.expoimaging.com). These flexible cards are normally used to shape an off-camera flash, but I find the built in flexible support rods bendable surface works well to flag a troubling flare.

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