My Favorite Browser Bookmarks and Why


Photo by iStockphoto/JuSunview

Clientcopia –
This site lets me know that everyone has crazy clients. Good for a laugh and a pick me up.

Basecamp HQ –
I use this online project management tool for both my companies. This keeps me organized and ensures open communication with my clients.

Apple Trailers –
I’m a movie junkie. Plus this is an excellent way to see the best lit, best composed shots in the whole movie.

Rafael Concepcion –
RC is a helpful author and podcaster who shares his discoveries in great posts. He’s a natural storyteller and very passionate.

Twitter –
I follow a great group of photographers and media pros. This is the water cooler/bar for the digital age. I get news, gossip, and strong opinions. Feel free to follow @rhedpixel and share any news you have with me as well.

Photo Focus –
This site is an extensive collection of articles and resources. There are daily posts and I truly enjoy the breadth of coverage.

Screenr –
If I need to record a quick tutorial or show a colleague a technique, Screenr is great.

Creative COW –
This is where I go to get all of my video questions answered. You’ll find active forums and extensive selection of tutorials and podcasts.

Kelby Training –
This site offers a large selection of classes and tutorials by some of the top photographers and photoshop users in the world.

Mac Rumors –
I’m an Apple enthusiast. I like to know what’s going on as well as what might be going on in the Apple ecosystem.

Photoshop Disasters –
This is another site that’s good for a laugh. It’s also educational as you can learn from other’s mistakes.

Triple Exposure –
This one is a blog I share ... but that doesn’t mean I don’t read it every day. There are great comments and resources all about my three favorite styes of photography – panoramic, HDR, and time-lapse.

How about you? What are your must read sites? I’m always looking for more.

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