TV Networks Thinking More Like Web Marketers


CBS and Nielsen are pushing for a new way in tracking TV viewership. TV has finally realized that age and sex don't seem to be good predicators of audience behavior. After extensive research, they are pushing for a model based on what people buy and what makes them buy than demographics.

The new categories they are suggesting are:

  • TV companions: For this group, TV is almost always on and is like a member of the family.
  • Media trendsetters: Early adopters of technology and new content, and also 39% multicultural.
  • Sports enthusiasts: Made up mostly of men, but most guys aren't classified here. This group also likes action-adventure programming.
  • Program passionates: Highly involved with favorite shows, and the biggest DVR time-shifters.
  • Surfers and streamers: Most open to watching alternative content on TV and most often using laptops or tablets to multitask while watching TV. They skew young, but include a large component of 50-plus people.
  • TV moderators: Those who enjoy being experts and leading others' choices.

Here's a detailed article on the change –

What do you think? To me it seems more like they are catching on to how the web has worked for years.