My 360˚ Panoramic Action

A while back I made an action that is designed to create a seamless loop for properly shot 360˚ photos. People seem to be unable to find it (as its the number one search result for my site). So here it is again.

  1. Download the action here
  2. Double click the file Panoramicsrev3.atn to load it.
  3. Switch to Photoshop.
  4. Complete your 360˚ panorama using the Photomerge command.
  5. Choose Window > Actions to view the Actions panel.
  6. Select the Seamless Loop action in the Actions panel. If necessary click the disclosure triangle next to the Panoramics set.
  7. When ready, click the Play button at the bottom of the Actions panel. Photoshop runs a series of steps to complete the seamless loop action.
  8. Crop the bottom and top of the panoramic image to taste, but be careful not to adjust the sides of the image.

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