Want to Know What’s New in the “new Final Cut Studio”

Like many of you, I went digging to find the most information about the new Final Cut Studio release.  Sure.. there are tutorials and flashy pages on Apple’s site.  These have some great info… but I’m a details kinda guy.  After so poking and prodding… I found these great documents. 

The Final Cut Studio Product Overview shows the new features with great descriptions.  It’s easy to navigate and serves as a menu of what to explore. The document clocks in at 66 pages

Most importantly (for quality nuts) the ProRes white paper offers in-depth technical information about the Apple ProRes codec.  This was just updated to 4:4:4:4… that is fantastic as we have a lossless codec with embedded alpha channels.  Goodbye Animation codec and your sluggish performance.  Read all about it in 22 informative pages.
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