Use After Effects to Transcode your HD material to 50 Formats

I wanted to share a little work in progress file.  I find After Effects tremendously useful for resizing video.  In fact I use it often to pre-process footage before applying additional codecs.

What I’ve put together here is a Resizer project.  It allows you to quickly convert an HD file (720 or 1080) to 50 different output formats.  The file is quite simple to use, and covers output sizes ranging from SD, to Presentation Software, to Web, to iPhone.

This is a work in progress… but I’d love to get your feedback.  To learn how to use it (and get the file) keep reading....

First off… download the resizer template from here ( It is an After Effects CS4 project. There are two files, both are identical.  The .aep is a project file, the .aet is a template file that will create a copy automatically when you open it.