Free Reading

I've gotten a few letters lately asking about new books... there are three updates and a new one in development (more later).

But I did write a new book and thoroughly revise another.

For your reading enjoyment and personal education.

Photoshop for Video 3rd Edition (previously titled Photoshop for Nonlinear Editors)
• Major updates with tons of new content and more than 75 new pages of material
• Over 2.5 hours of training videos
• Expanded coverage of DVD and Motion Graphics
• In-depth look at HD graphics and workflow
• Full coverage of Photoshop CS3

Download the free chapter here.
You can order the book

Here's a free chapter from my new book How to Wow with PowerPoint. This is the intro to the book and focusses on best practices for designing graphics for the screen (so even if you aren't a PowerPoint fan, you'll find some wholesome goodness on here). I hope you all enjoy it, If you'd like to order the book click here.