Omni Dazzle – A Great Tool for Teachers and Presenters

What piece of Mac shareware has me most excited... a cursor enhancer called OmniDazzle. Yup... giggle if you want. But the Omni Group has released a killer program that has dramatically changed my teaching style. This useful application add several visual effects for the screen and mouse pointer.

Now some of them are downright cheesy, but educators should really check out the following effects:
Flashlight – Which points a spotlight on the area of focus and dims the screen
Focal Point – Which darkens all but the active UI element
Scribble – This gives you four colored markers to draw on the screen like a NFL commentator
• Zoom – My favorite, which lets you marquee a selection, which is then magnified full-screen

So yes... its version 1.0 and Mac-only (and requires OS 10.4.6 and Core Video)... its still worth checking out. It's $14.95 and you can download a demo from the Omni Group website.