MacBook Pro Thoughts

Took the plunge and bought a MacBook Pro 17 inch laptop. Been using it for about two weeks and figured I'd share my thoughts.

- It's fast as heck
- The Dual layer DVD and FW800 port are back in
- The screen is beautiful from almost any angle
- Running apps under Rosetta (like Photoshop) is pretty smooth
- The built-in iSight camera makes it easier to see my family while on the road.

- After a while, it feels like you can cook an egg on it (with great power comes great warmth)
- My Wireless Internet card doesn't fit as Apple felt the need to adopt a new Express Card format which no one has released wireless cards for
- Can't get any spare batteries and Apple's site says shipping in 2-3 weeks (no luck in stores either)

All in all... very happy and I suspect with time the missing hardware will come available and the charred flesh on my lap will grow numb