Choosing NTSC or PAL Recording Standard on a GoPro

NTSC and PAL are the recording standards when recording video that you want to be familiar with.  Before you start recording, you need to choose which format you'll want to use.  You might be shooting for a client in Europe in which case you will want PAL.  If your video will be North America based, then you want NTSC.  In this course you’ll see a color coded map which shows regions that pertain to both NTSC and PAL.  I will demo how to select the standard by going into the settings menu in the GoPro.

Setting up the Default Setting: Choosing NTSC or PAL Recording Standard

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Got a GoPro? Nowadays most people either own one or have shot with one before.  This course covers all of the essential skills to get you up and running to shoot with the GoPro cameras.  Since we are focusing on the fundamentals, you will learn all of the steps from properly opening the GoPro box to getting it set up to cater to your shooting situation and learning all of the various mounting techniques.   Whether you capture stills, video, or even time-lapse photography, you will learn an array of techniques with the GoPro Hero from me in this course.  Let’s jump right in as I also share my insights on the different menus and settings so you can get shooting quickly, without fussing over controls. Follow-up courses in this series will examine different creative uses for the GoPro.

Topics in this course include:

  • Choosing a GoPro model
  • Understanding your GoPro camera's anatomy
  • Charging the battery
  • Choosing a memory card
  • Accessing video and photo shooting modes
  • Setting white balance for video
  • Shooting in burst or time-lapse mode
  • Shooting wirelessly
  • Downloading software
  • Buying GoPro accessories

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