Expanded Format Support in Adobe Premiere Pro

Functionality and multi format support are two of the signature features of Adobe Premiere Pro.  With the new features, there are additional supported formats with two important post production codecs both being Avid MXF Media and Apple ProRes.  In this course we’ll explore the expanded format support in greater detail.

Quality and Format Improvements: Expanded Format Support

To learn more, I’ve created an exciting course called Premiere Pro: Creative Cloud Updates, for Lynda.com


Adobe Premiere Pro CC has some very exciting new features and updates.  It’s important to stay on top of these new features so you can maximize your experience and workflow as you’re in post production. This course is dedicated to the video producers and editors who need to leverage the latest Premiere Pro tools and techniques fast.  I will cover all of these new features, which include: a customizable user interface, quality and format improvements like the enhanced Mercury Playback Engine, timeline tricks, and media management techniques, and the best audio, multicamera, and closed captioning workflows.

Topics in this course include:

  • Switching between audio waveforms and video
  • Creating a new sequence
  • Integrating scripting with the Story panel
  • Working with different camera formats
  • Selecting and nudging clips
  • Using dupe-detection markers
  • Copying and pasting ranges
  • Nesting sequences
  • Relinking offline sequences
  • Color grading with the Lumetri Deep Color Engine
  • Adjusting clip volume
  • Automatic syncing with audio waveforms
  • Recording multicamera edits
  • Adjusting timing and display of captions
  • Exporting multiple clips/sequences

You can check out the class here - http://www.lynda.com/Premiere-Pro-tutorials/Expanded-format-support/126763/129864-4.html