Creating a Story Arc with your Questions for an Interview

You want to create an experience for your interviewee and one of the most effective ways to do that is through a story arc, where the interview questions form a beginning, middle and end.  Building up to your key points is a great way to keep the interviewee engaged and you’ll most likely get the sound bites you want.  Communication specialist Amy DeLouise and I will share some helpful strategies for building the story arc with your interview questions.

During the Interview: Creating a Story Arc with your Questions

To learn more, I've created a new course with communication specialist Amy DeLouise called Art of the Interviews for

There is a real art to conducting an on-camera interview.  Doing research and prep work ahead of time is huge. Join me and communication specialist Amy DeLouise as we team up to show you how the pros prepare for, organize, and conduct great video interviews. Learn about performing background research before you "set foot on set," positioning the subject in front of the camera, building trust, avoiding common mistakes in questioning, capturing secondary audio for use in a podcast, and much more. Amy brings years of interviewing expertise to this important subject, while I offer tips that will help make editing easier and reduce the amount of money spent in post-production.

Topics in this course include:

  • Planning interview goals
  • Anticipating interviewee's answers
  • Conducting background research
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Building rapport
  • Teasing out supporting points
  • Getting transcripts
  • Avoiding obstacles with challenging interview subjects

You can check out the class here -