An Introduction to the GoPro Hero3

Whether you call it a sports cam, action cam, crash cam, or toy cam, the GoPro 3 has taken the production world by storm. While it’s not a true DSLR camera, we find ourselves mixing it into our production jobs all the time. For time-lapse, point-of-view, underwater, and aerial photography, these cameras are great.
this week’s episode, we start with an in-depth look at GoPro cameras. You’ll learn
What is a GoPro? Where did these cameras come from and what are they good for?
The GoPro bodies. What are the challenges with the form factor?
Essential GoPro gear. What do you need to get the best shots?
Powering the GoPro. How can a little camera use so much juice?
Accessing GoPro menus. How to stop driving yourself nuts pushing buttons and actually see what you’re doing.
Essential menu commands. Which commands will get you a quality shot?
GoPro cameras are a lot of fun and in future weeks we’ll cover using them for time-lapse shots, going underwater, and flying in a copter. Check out both the sample video above, and this week’s complete episode on to learn how you can use a GoPro camera with your own projects.
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