New Class on Panoramic Photography

I am super passionate about panoramic photography. And here's my new class all about the topic!

    Do not let another breathtaking scene go undocumented. Learn how to capture wide landscapes using panoramic shooting techniques, whether you're using an iPhone or a professional DSLR. Rich Harrington explains general panoramic concepts, like field of view and nodal point, and then describes the technical details for getting great original shots: how to properly mount the camera on a tripod, how to overlap each shot, which lenses deliver best results, and more. Next, learn about optional hardware like the GigaPan system and sliders, and a variety of mobile apps for capturing 360 panoramas. Finally, come back into the studio to learn how to process the photos in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Camera Raw.

    Topics include:

    • Choosing your gear
    • Compensating for the nodal point
    • Stitching in camera
    • Leveling the camera platform
    • Locking exposure and focus
    • Shooting with the GigaPan system
    • Shooting HDR panoramas
    • Shooting with an iPhone
    • Managing data from a panorama shoot
    • Reducing noise and removing dust with Camera Raw
    • Initiating the Photomerge command
    • Blending the photos
    • Refining highlights and shadows
    • Saving panoramas for print and the web

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