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Working with green-screen footage can be a daunting task. The Adobe suite of video tools provides a wide array of choices, but how do you know which to use? This course aims to answer that important question. By providing an overview of the import process, and then moving into Premiere Pro, After Effects, and popular third-party keying tools, author Rich Harrington guides you through the keying process. Learn how to use the Ultra Keyer, KEYLIGHT, Primatte Keyer, zMatte, and more, while discovering ways to work with transparency and create great backdrops in Photoshop.

This course was created and produced by Rich Harrington. We're honored to host this material in our library.

  • Topics include:
  • Deciding where to key your footage: Premiere Pro or After Effects
  • Importing footage to key
  • Stacking layers in Premiere Pro
  • Using the Ultra Keyer
  • Using Keylight
  • Enhancing a key with 3D lights
  • Deciding when to use a third-party tool
  • Processing backdrops in Photoshop
  • Exchanging transparency data

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