Shooting under bright lighting conditions: DSLR Video Tips

On this week’s episode of DSLR Video Tips, we look at techniques to control exposure and depth of field when shooting under bright light conditions. Outdoor lighting can be too much for a camera, so it’s important to master the exposure triangle—the critical relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and film speed (ISO). Join us as we head back out on a real-world music video shoot for musician Jason Masi, and discuss ways to achieve total control over your focus and exposure when natural lighting is in abundance:

  • Use a neutral density (ND) filter to knock down exposure.
  • Use a loupe to magnify the image on your camera’s LCD screen and knock out stray light, making it much easier to achieve critical focus and exposure.
  • Use a variable ND filter to dial in the perfect exposure.
  • Use a matte box to hold filters and block lens flares.

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