DSLR Video Tips: What is a follow focus?


On this week’s episode of DSLR Video Tips, we’ll look at a piece of gear called a follow focus that makes it easier to get repeatable, sharp focus. We’ll examine how a follow focus works, and techniques for using one in the field.

  • Learn the benefits of using a follow focus, the essential parts of a follow focus system, and how to put one together.
  • Learn how to set up marks for your talent, as well as marks on the follow focus—so that you can quickly repeat focus as objects or people move through the scene.
  • Our special guest Kevin Bradley shares his techniques for operating follow focus, and Robbie tries his hand at the task of “focus puller.”
  • After the shoot, we’ll head back to the studio to take a look at the results and discuss how the follow focus helped us, and what we could have done better.

A follow focus is a great addition to any DSLR filmmaker’s kit, and it can help you get consistent, reproducible focus. Join us and learn more as we head into the field on a real-world music video shoot for musician Jason Masi.
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