Summer Fun — Photofocus Podcast

Join Rich and Scott as they talk about a bunch of summer oriented photo topics.  Get ready for shooting great pictures this summer with this potluck of photo wisdom.
Rich and Scott discuss:

  • Summer travel  and photography season
  • Favorite places to shoot
  • Travel Guide Resources
  • How much to pack for a road trip
  • Assigning a personal project for the day shooting
  • When to buy a new camera
  • The FUJI X100S
  • Mannypacks
  • Where to Buy New and Used Lenses
  • What to look for when buying a used lens
  • Do you need model and talent releases
  • Apps for model releases
  • Do you need Location releases
  • Shooting in National Parks
  • The benefit of looking like a tourist when shooting photos

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Hosted by Rich Harrington & Scott Bourne
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