New Class on Apple Keynote Released


Those who know me… know I'm a big fan of Apple Keynote… In fact I just completed a new in-depth class to help you become a presentation master. It was released today on

Having a killer Keynote deck isn't enough on its own. This course shows you how to wow your audience with a well-planned presentation. Author Rich Harrington shows you how to successfully export a Keynote deck once it's created and deliver the presentation. He also covers rehearsing your talking points, connecting to a screen, and creating handouts to accompany your slideshow.

  1. Getting Organized
  2. Rehearsing Your Presentation
  3. Using the Keynote Remote App
  4. Connecting Keynote to a Screen
  5. Alternate Presentation Techniques
  6. Creating Handouts
  7. Creating Movies and Graphics from Keynote

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