My Interview on "Crossing the 180"


I was recently a guest on
Ron Dawson's “Crossing the 180” podcast.

Apparently I let loose a few pearl's including this one:

“If you don’t practice your craft at least 20 minutes a day, you’re going to become a dinosaur.” ~ Richard Harrington

Here's the official blurb:

Today on the show we have world renown instructor, author, successful businessman, social media master and award-winning visual communicator, Richard Harrington of RHED Pixel. From CreativeCow to a #1 iTunes podcast, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the scene. Today on the show we learn about how Richard got his start in communications, his company processes for working with clients, his philosophy on how to deal with criticism (constructive and otherwise), as well as how he chooses the technology he uses. You’re going to want to take notes for this episode.