Watch the Recorded Adobe Premiere Pro Switcher Webinar


As you make the switch to Adobe® Premiere Pro, you'll find many ways to get things done. What you may miss are some hidden gems you don’t know to look for. In this fast paced webinar, join Richard Harrington as he shares the advanced techniques that will speed up your workflow. This webinar is designed for experienced editors who want to jump in and get results. You'll learn at a rapid fire pace and get easy to implement time savers to boost your productivity.

  • Topics covered include
  • Project and sequence setup
  • The Media Browser plus linking and interpreting media
  • Interpreting RED .r3d Files after the shoot
  • Analyzing footage and searching speech to text translations or transcripts
  • Working with transitions and effects
  • Intermediate and advanced color correction techniques
  • The Automate to Sequence command to cut on the beat of music
  • Editing from the bin and using Hoverscrub
  • Adjsutment layers and special effects
  • Audio preferences and meters
  • Configuring workspaces and layouts
  • Plus commentary from Adobe Premiere Pro product manger Al Mooney

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