Free Webinar from the Smartest Person I Know on Twitter

I'm one of the organizer's for a brand new conference called TAP!2013. It's all about digital publishing, social media, app development, and thriving in the new world of digital content creation. To give you a free taste, I'm hosting a webinar with the super savvy Scott Bourne.

Plus if you register for the webinar, you'll get a discount code for the webinar that will add up to $300 off the registration price (nearly half off!).

TAP! 2013 FREE WEBINAR: Using Twitter to Build an Audience: How to Attract an Audience for your Digital Publication or Mobile App

Wedenesday, November 14th, 12:00pm EST

Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet, and it’s absolutely free. But knowing how to make it work to your benefit while still attracting and holding an audience takes work. In this free TAP! webinar, Podcasting experts Scott Bourne and Rich Harrington will discuss the best practices for attracting, building and maintaining your Twitter audience and how to market to them without sounding like a constant commercial. They’ll also talk about how to datamine Twitter for leads.

Join us Wednesday, November 14, at 12:00pm EST!
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