(Almost) Free HDR Workshop in New York City 10/14

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Workshop is Sunday, October 14 from Noon – 4 pm
Cost is $25 but each attendee will receive a $25 coupon at the event in exchange for a copy of their registration receipt.


Event Description:

Three letters, HDR, often instill fierce debate among photographers. Some love the techniques, others hate them, but most can't cut through all the noise to make a real decision. The simple truth is that HDR photos are popular and eye-catching, but eye-catching doesn't need to mean an eyesore. By employing proper production and post-production techniques you can create images that stand out for their quality and uniqueness and not some garish effect.

For Rich Harrington, HDR opens up all sorts of creative options that improve his photography and can for your photography too:

  • Achieve a dramatic range of exposure that shows your subject off in a compelling way
  • Shoot better black and white photos with deeper contrast and details
  • Achieve shots at times of day when the lighting is not as attractive
  • Showcase subjects like architecture, products, or landscapes in a whole new way

Join Rich for this hands-on Workshop that includes a shooting session at some great nearby locations. During this part of the event, you'll learn to capture HDR photos using your tripod as well as alternative shooting strategies for handheld and supported shooting. In addition, you'll learn to use Aperture priority mode and bracketing to make capturing the perfect exposure easy.

After the shoot, its back to the classroom for practical developing. Rich will share techniques he's used and published for achieving dynamic color, compelling black and white images, and engaging texture in his photos. In addition, he'll demonstrate how to work within Adobe Photoshop, as well as the benefits of third-party tools like Nik HDR Efex Pro to get great HDR images.


  • A DSLR Camera (Bracketing controls are useful)
  • Adequate memory cards to capture several photos (200+)
  • A solid tripod is useful but not required