Automate to Markers in Adobe Premiere Pro

Have you added markers to your timeline? Precisely editing to them can be fast and easy with the Automate to Sequence command.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5011

  1. Set In points in a series of clips as needed. If using stills, you can skip this step.
  2. Switch the Project panel to icon view and drag to arrange the clips in order. Place the clips left to right then top to bottom to indicate the order of clips.
  3. Select the clips in the Project panel. Either Command-click (Mac OS) or Ctrl-click (Windows) in the order you want.
  4. Lock the tracks that you don't want to use. The Automate To Sequence command disregards target tracks and always uses the lowest available video and audio tracks.
  5. Click the Automate To Sequence button.
  6. Change the Placement pop-up menu to At Unnumbered Markers, so that the clips are placed at unnumbered sequence markers.
  7. Use the other options to add transitions or to ignore audio or video.
  8. Click OK to make the edit.