Tap Out the Beat in Adobe Premiere Pro

Want to precisely edit to the beat of the music? Then you should just use your sense of rhythm. If you can tap your finger to the music, you can achieve better editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5010

  1. Click in the Timeline panel.
  2. Select a clip in the Timeline (such as the music track).
  3. Press play to start playback.
  4. To add a Layer Marker, press the Multiply symbol (*) on the numeric keypad. If you're using a laptop, you can click the Set Unnumbered Marker button in the upper left corner of the Timeline panel.
  5. Continue to tap out each beat or audio event that you’d like to sync to.
  6. When the playback is finished, all of the Timeline markers will appear.
  7. To move between markers, press Cmd + Right Arrow or Left Arrow (Ctrl + Right Arrow or Left Arrow).
  8. Mark In and Out points as needed in order to edit.