Publish to Vimeo or YouTube from Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Media Encoder CS5001

Once you’ve edited your masterpiece its time to share it with the world. Two of the most popular sites are Vimeo and YouTube.

Both have upload limits on how big of a video you can post (Plus, why should you waste time loading up a bigger file that just has to get compressed again for the web?). Compress the files on your machine and you'll have faster upload times and better playback quality.
Here’s how to make compressed video right inside Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. Choose File > Export > Media or press Cmd+M/Ctrl+M. The Export Settings window opens.
  2. From the Format pop-up list choose H.264.
  3. Click the Preset list and choose the correct preset. You’ll find ready to use settings for both YouTube and Vimeo. Be sure to choose the HD presets if your source video is HD.
  4. Check the box next to the Use Maximum Render Quality option. This will take a little longer to process, but the quality is worth it.
  5. Click the underlined text next to Output Name. This lets you name the file and specify a destination.
  6. Click the Export button to create your file.