Animating your Photos with After Effects

When working in After Effects, there are five key components to animating a layer. These properties are very easy to quickly access through keyboard shortcuts.

Adobe After Effects 10.0003

  • Press A to Twirl down the Anchor Point.
    • Press P to Twirl down the Position.
    • Press R to Twirl down the Rotation.
    • Press S to Twirl down the Scale.
    • Press T to Twirl down the Opacity.

You can also use following modifier keys to speed up your work.

  • Hold down the Shift key to display additional properties after selecting the first item.
    • Hold down the Option (Alt) key to display a property and add a keyframe at the Current Time Indicator.

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Maximizing your Web Video and Podcast Audience with Hypersyndication table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • 1. Organize Your Photos with Adobe Bridge
  • 2. Understanding Resolution
  • 3. Working in the Right Color Space
  • 4. Removing Damage
  • 5. Content-Aware Repairs
  • 6. Controlling Focus
  • 7. Removing Distractions
  • 8. Toning Images
  • 9. Documentary Motion Control with After Effects
  • 10. Exporting Animation
  • Conclusion

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