How to Create a Custom Slideshow with Apple Aperture

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This Aperture tutorial titled Creating a Slideshow Album and Picking a Theme is from chapter four of the Creative Slideshows with Aperture course presented by author Richard Harrington. This specific tutorial describes how to create a custom slideshow by picking different themes for your photo album. The complete Creative Slideshows with Aperture course has a duration time of 1 hour and 19 minutes and describes how to use Apple Aperture to quickly and efficiently create a slideshow to impress any audience, from family and friends to colleagues and potential clients.

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  • Creative Slideshows with Aperture table of contents:
  • Introduction
  • 1. An Overview of Creating Slideshows
  • 2. Gathering Your Slides
  • 3. Gathering Your Slides
  • 4. Setting up a Custom Slideshow
  • 5. Customizing Individual Slide
  • 6. Working with Video Slides
  • 7. Adding & Customizing Transitions
  • 8. Sharing a Slideshow Movie
  • Conclusion