How Many of These Apple Gadgets Did You Own?

I enjoyed a great article over at MacLife magazine on 11 Apple gadgets that faded into history.

Have a read, it's quite fun. I owned or used 7 of these at my jobs through the years…. How about you?


"All around Apple’s Cupertino campus there are people working on the Next Big Thing: it could be the iPhone 5 or an iPad 3, a proper Apple TV or a new kind of Mac. It may even be something you could never imagine. And that happens all day, every day. And it’s been going on since Apple was founded.

Of course, not all of the products Apple has come up with over the years have been successful. For every iPhone there’s been a G4 Cube. Or even a Flower Power iMac come to that. But it’s by experimenting with new ideas, coming up with different kinds of products, and learning from each failure that has made Apple the company it is today. It’s only by delving into its past that we can understand its present and future. As Apple proudly declared ahead of the iPhone’s launch in 2007: the first 30 years were just the beginning."

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