A Two Part Fix for a Corrupt Mac Drive

Photo — iStockPhoto.

Yesterday while in the middle of a huge back-up, the power went out.

My drive (which was not on an Uninterruptible Power Supply) went down…. hard.

After a reboot... things did not look good. The Drobo Dashboard saw the drive… but my Mac wouldn't mount it. No disk repair program would bring it to life…

Disk Warrior – Fail

Drive Genius – Fail

Disk Utility – Fail

Four more other apps… nope.

Then I had an idea.


I used Drive Genius to reparation the drive. I told it to just create a new partition that was the exact same size as the current volume.


When that was done… I was able to use Disk Warrior to rebuild the drives directory.

In about 12 minutes, all 8 GB were recovered (with zero data loss).


Hope this helps some of you… especially when all seems lost.

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