Animation for Producers — Free Panel at GV Expo

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Wednesday, November 30 | 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Washington, DC Convention Center

Don't miss this special Animator's Roundtable at GV Expo. It's
FREE and open to the public. This is the chance for DC's best Animators, Motion Designers, and VFX Artists to meet their Producer counterparts.

Producers and Animators don't always understand each others areas of expertise. Creating an animation or graphics heavy video can often be daunting, so the Animator's Roundtable has activated its universal translator to help Producers and Animators speak the same language and communicate better! Our expert panel, a mix of Producers and Animators, will share their knowledge and a few tips on planning for and using animation effectively. They'll help you figure out how to solve your creative challenges with the magic of graphics.

Special Guest Panelists:

  • Chris Dominici, Potomac Motion
  • Richard Harrington, RHED Pixel
  • Pradeep Mistry, PCM Animation
  • Ann Ramsey, US Dept. of Health and Human Services

This is a FREE event starting right after the close of the exhibit hall floor. Come join us for some networking and a great discussion, so if you're a Producer, an Animator, or just intrigued, this event is for YOU!