Posting to Vimeo from Final Cut Pro X

Vimeo is a popular website for sharing video (especially amongst professional and amateur filmmakers). It offers both free and paid accounts with different levels of service. Once you’ve set up a Vimeo account, you publish a project to Vimeo directly from Final Cut Pro X.

1. Select the project (or click in the Timeline) and choose Share > Vimeo.

2. Choose an account from the Account menu, or click Add to add an existing account. You can add more than one account to the list but can only export to one at a time.

3. Fill in the requests field:
Password. Enter your Vimeo account password. You’ll need to enter it each time you want to publish for security purposes.
Viewable by. Choose who can see the video.
Title. Enter a name for the movie so others can search for it.
Description. The information here helps power search features on the site and can convince others to watch your movie.
Tags. You can use keywords to help viewers find your movie.
4. Select the “Set size automatically” option or deselect it and choose from the menu to control the size of the output movie. Vimeo has limits on free accounts as to how many clips and data can be uploaded each week.

5. Use the Compression menu as well as the Advanced and Summary areas to control the quality of the file generated. These controls are identical to the options previously discussed.

6. Click Next to read the terms of service. Click the blue hypertext to go directly to the terms of service and review the rights you are granting the video hosting provider.

7. When ready, click Publish. You can monitor progress with the Share Monitor in your Dock.

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