Media and Social Media Symposium by RHED Pixel – Day 2

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My company, RHED Pixel is offering a two day Media and Social Media Symposium. The event will be streaming live for two days (we have several 45 minute sessions). Below is the schedule for day two, Wednesday, October 26. We'll stream these only once… so if you want to catch these live you can watch below or at this link –

10:00 AM EST
Video on the Go: Producing Video for Smart Phones, Apple iOS and Google Droid
Richard Harrington & Mark Weiser — RHED Pixel

11:00 AM EST
Measuring Social Media Results: Real World Metrics
Amy DeLouise

12:00 PM EST
More than 140 Characters: Enriching Twitter and Facebook with Photos, Video, and More
Richard Harrington— RHED Pixel

2:00 PM EST
You Can Hear the Difference: The Benefit of Audio Sweetening
Cheryl Ottenritter –Ott House Audio

3:00 PM EST
Color Grading your Video Project: When You Really Want to Fix it in Post
Robbie Carman — Amigo Media

4:00 PM EST
Fix it in Post: Rescuing Footage from Production Disasters
Brenda Spevak and Adam Martray — RHED Pixel

4:45 PM EST
The Perfect Key: What You Need to Know About Green Screen
Richard Harrington & Xi Lin —RHED Pixel