Media and Social Media Symposium by RHED Pixel – Day 1

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My company, RHED Pixel is offering a two day Media and Social Media Symposium. The event will be streaming live for two days (we have several 45 minute sessions). Below is the schedule for day one, Tuesday, October 25. We'll stream these only once… so if you want to catch these live you can watch below or at this link –

10:00 AM EST
Hypersyndication: How to Get Your Social Media and Video More Eyeballs
Richard Harrington — RHED Pixel

11:00 AM EST
Nobody Cares What You Had for Lunch: Practical Writing Tips for Social Media
Mary Fletcher — Fletcher Prince Marketing

12:00 PM EST
DSLR Video: Hollywood Style – DC Budgets
Rich Harrington & Mark Weiser — RHED Pixel

2:00 PM EST
Why 3D Matters: How your Brain Sees 3D Video
Chris Mayhew — V3 Imaging

3:00 PM EST
Hard Drives and Your Media: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
Mark Fuccio

4:00 PM EST
Five Innovations in Video Editing: How to Work Faster and Smarter
Richard Harrington & Adam Martray — RHED Pixel

5:00 PM EST
From Inspiration to Animation: Motion Graphics Design Showcase
Xi Lin & Esin Ozdag — RHED Pixel