RIP Steve Jobs – You Changed the World


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I just heard the news… and it hurts. I find it strange that I am fighting tears over the loss of a man I've only met in passing.

But the truth is that I owe much of my professional career to this man's vision.

The first computer I learned on was an Apple. I had a Mac from day one in college.

I built my company around Macintosh technology.

I've used the portals Steve built to reach so many others. From the books I write to the podcasts I publish, Apple technology helps me reach the world.

I think at all the people who have captured and shared their memories thanks to Steve and his concept of the Digital Hub.
His move to put iLife and iWork into the hands of so many has changed the way people communicate.

So while many will remember his technology genius…. I remember a man who believed that the world could be a better place.

One where everyone's voice could be heard.
One where sharing video and photos was as easy as pushing a button.
One where the boundaries of cost wouldn't prevent creatives from achieving their dream.
One where students could learn and be better connected.
One where people could use technology to create better experiences and interactions.

Thank you Steve for all that you've done.


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