Repairing An Aperture Library

This is a guest post from Scott Engel

I want to thank Richard for giving me the opportunity to be a guest blogger. I am a freelance photographer specializing in wildlife, but I do a lot of zoo photography as well. In a past life I also worked for Apple Retail as a Creative/Trainer and I hold an Aperture 3 Certification.

Aperture is a wonderful application. Sometimes, however, you might encounter an error with your library and it will not open. Aperture has a great set of troubleshooting tools in case your library becomes corrupt or fails to load.

1. While holding down the Option and Command keys, click on Aperture to launch it.

2. There are three tools to help you repair a library:

  • The first choice, Repair Permissions, will address a majority of issues and is the fastest.
  • The second Choice is to Repair Database. It takes a little bit longer but it’s more thorough.
  • If your library needs some extra attention, then choose Rebuild Database. This is the most time consuming, but is very thorough.

3. Click Repair to make the fix.

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