Make Clips Open in Adobe Premiere Pro Faster

While I love 95% of Adobe Premiere Pro… I do have a few annoyances. One of the biggest is loading clips from the Project Panel.

Select a clip… press Return (Enter) and nothing happens.


Well the good news is (like most of the "missing" shortcuts) this can be changed.

1. Choose Premiere Pro > Keyboard Shortcuts or Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.

2. Choose Panels from the pop-up menu.


3. Type the Open in the search field.


4. Click in the field next to Project Panel > Open in Source Monitor and then press the Return (Enter) key. This ill remap the default Render work area (which I would change to Command/Ctrl + R).


5. While you/re at it, click in the field next to Media Browser Panel > Open in Source Monitor and then press Shift + Return (Enter) key.

There… problem solved.

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