Zacuto Electronic Viewfinder Adds New Features


My Zacuto Electrnic Viewfinder showed up Saturday. I'm already using it on my second shoot tonight. This thing is so awesome in that I can really see things like exposure and focus with a true viewfinder. The buttons are easy to use, the unit feels solid (but weighs practically nothing).

The best part? The fact that I've only had it a few days and Zacutto is already adding features via a free firmware update (love that).

Here's the complete user manual so you can check out the features.
Download the current EVF Manual: Z-Finder EVF Manual

Heres the free firmware update (took 20 seconds to update)
Current Version of Firmware: 1.01.00.  Click Here To Download
Firmware 1.01.00 includes the following updates:

  • Audio meters enabled that are able to be positioned in any of the four corners.
  • Battery meter can now be positioned in any of the four corners
  • Audio loop through enabled
  • Underscan now implemented
  • Can now save and recall Chroma, Contrast and brightness settings as presets.
  • Changes to color, brightness and contrast are now saved on power down and return on power up.
  • Red One, Sony FS100 scaling presets added

How To Upgrade Your Firmware
Once you download the firmware the next thing you need to do is have a USB Thumb Drive formatted to FAT32.  Please note this is not the default file system used for either Mac or PC and by formatting your thumb drive in this way it will erase all data that is currently on the thumb drive.
1. Reformat a USB thumb drive as FAT (FAT 32 or MD-DOS). This can be done with Disk Utility on a Mac or by right-clicking in windows and choosing Format.
2. Download the current firmware –
Click Here To Download
3. Copy the current firmware file to the FAT32 thumb drive (
NOTE: File name must be evfupdate.fw)
4. Insert thumb drive into EVF USB port
5. Select UPDATE from the EVF menu
6. Select 
7. Select 
8. When prompted, power down and restart the unit.
9. Enjoy!

Here is a detailed page about the EVF Units –