Final Cut Pro X App Store Scores Rise


The App Store scores for Final Cut Pro X continue to rise over time. In the strictest sense, the app is no longer failing.

Here are a few observations I'd like to share:

  • The App has fallen off the Top 10 list of selling apps (down to 11). This is largely due to initial demand being satiated and Apple removing it from the home page (except for a little button below the fold).
  • The App is firmly entrenched in the #2 spot for Top Grossing. This means Apple is making good money of the application and it can b considered a success financially.
  • The user community remains fiercely divided. I've spent the last few weeks entrenched in user group events and industry functions. Apple, Adobe, and Autodesk are certainly gaining new users.
  • The next dot release update is going to be a watershed moment. MANY (and I mean many) are taking a wait and see approach to see how much Apple can put back in.
  • I heard from a reliable source at the Atlanta Cutters Event that the XML resources will be released to developers in the next two weeks. This will open up new opportunities for FCPX to participate with other professional applications. No word on cost implications however.
  • I have heard from many people switching (or thinking of switching) to Adobe Premiere Pro how surpassed they are at its performance and features. These same people love After Effects and Photoshop, yet seem surprised at how good the integration is between the three. Dynamic Link, Native Editing, and Adobe Media Encoder continue to please.
  • Hardware companies like AJA are broadening their support to all the manufacturers. Avid, Adobe, and Apple are all seeing new products and new support with drivers.
  • Several major places are adding in or strengthening their use of Adobe and Avid tools. I've spoken to folks at Discovery, CNN, Turner, American University,
  • The DSLR crowd (including Vincent Laforet, Phillip Bloom, and Shane Hurlbut) are now using Adobe Premiere Pro. The RED community is quickly switching too.
  • The industry got a quick shot of evolution. "Everything just changed in post" rings true. It's just that a lot more shuffling is occurring than anyone expected.