A Free Four-day Photoshop Class from Lesa Snider


Would you like to take a great Photoshop class that goes really deep? One that you can wear your pajamas for? One that's 100% free to watch live? Be sure to check out Lesa Snider's Photoshop CS 5 Intensive class. The free class runs September 20–23 (a Tuesday-Friday Workshop).

" In this special workshop, you'll dig into Photoshop CS5 with Lesa Snider, author of Photoshop CS5: The Missing Manual. There is so much to cover in Photoshop CS5 that we need almost a week to cover everything. In this special 4-day workshop (Tuesday - Friday, from 9:00-4:00, Pacific Time), you'll dig into Photoshop CS5 with Lesa Snider, internationally acclaimed instructor and author. Lesa is informative yet entertaining with a unique way of explaining difficult concepts so you understand the "why" behind the "how". Get ready to spend a fun, high-energy week digging into the power of Photoshop."

Be sure to sign up in advance before the class fills up. – http://creativelive.com/courses/photoshop-cs5-lesa-snider