Photoshop's Spell-checker

Photoshop has become a freestanding graphic creation tool. It is now possible to proof your text in a number of different languages. If you are familiar with a word processor’s spell-checker, Photoshop’s will seem completely standard. Remember, you must set the language for a text field by using the dropdown menu in the Character panel. To launch the spell-checker, choose it from the Edit menu (Edit >Check Spelling). If it flags a word that you know is right, you can choose to ignore it or add it to your dictionary. There’s no earth-shattering technology here, but the cries of web and video designers have been answered.


Related to the spell-checker is a Find-and-Replace command. This allows you to go through all of your text layers and swap out words. Say that you’ve listed Williamstown Resort throughout your full screen graphics. A few days later, the client calls and says it’s actually Williamsburg Resort. You can have Photoshop scan through and replace all instances of the improper name throughout your composition. Again, the technology is standard, but it can be a time saver.