An Update About PluralEyes and FCPX


I've been a big fan of PluralEyes since I first met Bruce Sharpe (its inventor) at Podcast Expo (nearly five years ago).
We use this product for both multi-camera projects and DSLR sync sound workflow.

We use it both in Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. Unfortunately, it can't work in Final Cut Pro X yet. I've pushed this tool to many of you, but wanted to let you know about its future.

Here's a quick update on the status from Bruce.

PluralEyes and Final Cut Pro X Questions and answers

We are getting lots of questions about PluralEyes and Final Cut Pro X. Here are the answers.

Q: Does PluralEyes support FCP X today?
A: No

Q: Will PluralEyes support FCP X?
A: As with any new host release, we intend to support FCP X as soon as we can, but the technical information that we need to do so has not been released yet. In the meantime, the engineering team has begun the process of analyzing FCP X.

Q: When?
A: We can't make any promises. We haven't seen the technical specs to know how much effort will be required and we don't know when those specs will be available.

Q: Will it be a free upgrade?
A: Yes, for anyone who bought PluralEyes (for FCP 6 or 7) recently.

Q: I thought I detected some weasel words in that last answer.
A: Our updates have always been free up until now. We can't guarantee that an FCP X update will be free for those who didn't buy recently, but that would be our preference.

Q: I see other plug-ins are supporting FCP X already. Why aren't you?
A: There are several different developer kits. One of those has been released and is being used to update some plug-ins. The one we need has not been made available to us.

Q: What about those of us still using FCP 6 and 7?
A: PluralEyes will continue to support those versions for some time and through subsequent releases.

Q: Hey, wait. Doesn't FCP X have auto sync built in?
A: As expected, a basic auto sync feature has been included in FCP X. We also expected that PluralEyes would be able to add value to FCP X, and our experience with it has confirmed that. We have heard from several customers that they still want PluralEyes.

Q: I need PluralEyes for FCP X! Can't you do something?A: We're doing everything we can think of. If you would like to make your wishes known to Apple, they provide a page where you are invited to give feedback about Final Cut Pro.

Best regards, The PluralEyes Team

Do note... PluralEyes and the companion product DualEyes are cross platform and available for several editing platforms.