Not on Twitter? Now’s the Time.


Apple recently unveiled that Twitter would be tightly woven throughout the next version of their iOS.  IF you didn’t spot this trend, let me put it a new way: welcome to the tipping point.  Apple is about to make Twitter a default method for sharing news, photos, and information with your contacts.  Your phone will literally scan your address book and attempt to integrate Twitter throughout.

Now, some of you already use Twitter…which means you probably fall into three camps. You either love it, don’t know how to use it, or haven’t gotten past the confusing gibberish to even start.  Let me offer some advice to those who aren’t already benefiting.
Start by Following. Click the Who to Follow button and then look through recommended users as well as search for people you know.  Choose 50 people or brands that interest you and read them for two weeks.  See what they talk about and what information you’re finding out that you’d likely have missed if you had to search actively for it.

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